About Us


RC. Security Ltd. started its activity on August 06, 1998 and since, the company has been operating on the fields of property protection, guarding, goods protection and security.

Our young and dynamic team consists of more than 200 people, and carries out complex property protection enjoying the complete confidence of Clients for many years.

We are living in a world, where the concept of security plays a more and more significant role. Our valuables are constantly under threat. Besides of the protection of people it is also essential to guard and protect possessions, buildings, goods, data and company assets. Prevention and security risk assessment is indispensable.

RC. Security Ltd. offers integrated, novel, patented solutions for the protection of properties in the field of industry, trade, and service industry.

Our operation is based on several years of professional experience, competence and on mutual trust between us and our clients:

  • Our services include guarding and protection, and the installation and operation of goods protection- and security systems together with risk assessment.
  • Our colleagues can only be persons with irreproachable pasts. During the employment process, we always check the candidates’ references and their certificates necessary for fulfilling a certain position at our company.
  • When on duty, RC. Security employees represent our own and our Client’s company philosophy as well. We provide continuous professional trainings for our employees in order to fulfill the demands of our Clients.
  • Our employees wear uniforms on site in accordance with the public image of the company.
  • Our management maintains continuous personal contact with Clients and can be immediately at their disposal in case of emergency.
  • In addition to manned guarding we secure the protection of our Clients with our self-developed MSS property protection system and with our Vision Box presentation and goods protection system.

We offer our complex goods- and property protection solutions for our Customers considering the increasing demands and expectations.